Recruit for Going Abroad

Recruitment Service

We will devote ourselves to the overseas engineering projects implemented by Chinese large-scale international project contracting enterprises for providing HR resource recruitment and dispatch service adhering to the developing tenet of specialization,elaboration & internationality and the enterprise spirit of people oriented & serving the world;relying on the professional management staff who have rich experience of engaging in the international HR resource exchange and cooperation; who are familiar with international business & convention, the recruitment both in China and abroad, the talent training, health insurance, visa & authentication and exit & entry affairs etc.; And by virtue of large-scale international projects, the database of business talents and the service process with professional norms.

We can provide all persons needed by the projects, including various talents with senior management medium technical personnel, business people, translators and shortage professional technical workers, such as engineering project managers, chief engineers, and engineers who are professional at roads, bridges, housing construction, water supply and drainage, hydraulic, civil etc. business people, accountants, English translators, Russian translators, French translators, Portuguese translators, Spanish translators etc, engineering machinery repairman, grader operator, paver operator, mixing plant operator, excavator operator etc. doctors and Sichuan food chef. All kinds of labor forces both in organizational and individual labor system can be dispatched by CSFECO.

We focus on becoming professional bodies in this area with competitive and leading-edge, For a long time we absorb and store high-quality professional talents to become the bridge for professionals overseas employment, and be the talents searching engine for international engineering contracting business, easily equipped massive talents, provide comprehensive HR solutions and better following-up services for enterprise customers, we are good at coordinating and safeguarding mutual interests between enterprise customers and professionals.

Category of recruitment services
·Agents of recruitment ad: Planning professional recruitment advertisements and assist to release according to the demands of enterprise customers.
·Assist in campus recruiting: Assisting corporate clients on campus recruitment program planning and execution according to the demands of enterprise customers.
·Apply resume screening: Selecting and subdividing the applicants resumes according to the demands of enterprise customers.
·Agents of advisory and first test: Assisting corporate clients to give advisory and first test to candidates.
·Candidates recommendation: Recommending the best candidates for Subdivision according to the demands of enterprise customers.
·Assist in interview arrangements: Assist in the interview and examination to candidates for enterprise customers.
·Assist in the investigation of background: Make notarization, authentication and investigation of the academic degrees, work experience, behavior to the candidates.
·Dispatch and dispatch services: dispatch and offer sophisticated follow-up management services according to the cooperation with the enterprise customers.
·It has already dispatched over 5000 persons to more than 50 countries and regions(more than 30 countries in Africa) by CSFECO.
·We continue our service with the development of China and the world's economic construction. And help you achieve the dream of development and acquire wealth abroad!

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