Service Scope

HR Dispatch﹠Service

In the latest concept of innovation and profession, our company has devoted to be an excellent human resource services supplier as per the new marketing model of global HR service market. Our company has also devoted to become a main and professional supplier who can satisfy the demand of overseas manager talents and technical labor dispatch for China’s large-scale international contracting projects overseas. 


Human Resource Dispatch﹠ Service

We will provide the following with all our heart:

·Talent Dispatching at home and abroad, Labor Dispatching Services,Talent recruitment for enterprise/ Relevant Posts /Project Outsourcing Services
·Personnel Agency Services
·Financial Affairs Outsourcing
·HR Management Services
·Agency Management for Social Insurance
·Supplementary Commercial Insurances and Other Solutions Services
·Staff Training﹠Career Planning Services
·Labor Dispute Solution Services
·Legal Consultancy Services for enterprise
·Other Related Services

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