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Overseas Employment and International Labor Export

Globalization flow of human resources is the trend of the new century. Chinese people have integrated to the boom of overseas employment and living. The Chinese people who are engaging in different jobs can be seen all over the world. 

Overseas Employment and International Labor Export

Upon the demands of our clients, all kinds of labor forces both in organizational and individual labor system can be dispatched overseas by CSFECO. Not only management personnel at all levels, but also professional technicians, operators and service personnel (including trainees) can be dispatched overseas. CSFECO is engaged in more than 30 industries such as construction, machinery, energy, chemicals, aviation, shipping, electronics, software, light-industry, textile, medical treatment, food industry, hotel, agriculture, forestry, animal husbandry and fishing, etc. It has already dispatched over 5000 persons to more than 30 countries and regions including Singapore, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, UAE, Russia, Germany, Sweden, Hungary, Kenya, Algeria, Hong Kong and Macao.

CSFECO adopts specialized service standard like service in the fields of recruitment, examination, training, entry-exit formalities and overseas management. It devotes itself to improving standard, efficiency and reputation. And it has been praised by clients all over the world for its high sense of responsibility.

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